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Who We Are

Bahari Remedies was founded by a team of experts in marine biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Our mission is to promote the sustainable and responsible use of the ocean’s rich biodiversity for the benefit of humanity. We believe that the ocean holds the key to many of the world’s most pressing challenges, from food and health to energy and the environment. With our in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge research, we are dedicated to helping companies unlock this potential and bring new products to market.

About Us

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be a leading consulting and conservation-based company in Tanzania, driving the sustainable utilization of natural aquatic resources through innovative approaches and community engagement.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable utilization of Tanzania’s natural aquatic resources through innovation and community engagement, fostering conservation and socioeconomic development.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Innovative
  • Inclusion
  • Data-driven
  • Customer focus
Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do

We take pleasure in all our work, and our workforce is made up of specialists who can do any assignment flawlessly.

Our Objectives

Foster innovation, research and development to identify and implement cutting-edge solutions, technologies and practices.

Drive conservation efforts and preserve Tanzania’s aquatic resources, safeguarding their ecological integrity and biodiversity.

Empower local communities through active engagement and participation in utilizing aquatic resources.

Foster sustainable utilization practices for the long-term health and resilience of aquatic ecosystems.

Raise awareness and advocate for the importance of responsible resource utilization.

Our Team

Meet the experts

Oliva Kombe Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Conservation Biologist
Clement Mlay Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Ecologist & Evolutionary Biologist
Ally Hinte Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
Thomas Nestory Program Coordinator
Marine Scientist
Thomas Nestory Program Coordinator
Marine Scientist
George Monroy Managing Director
Ricardo Savada Managing Director
Jacob Alexander Managing Director
James Conway Managing Director
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